Jordan's King Abdullah II in Star Trek

Here's a short cameo of King Abdullah II in Star Trek: Voyager. This was before he was king. It turns out he's a big Star Trek fan. This guy is definitely the coolest Arab ruler around.


Iraqi Jumping Jacks

One of my friends told me that I had to search YouTube for "Iraqi Jumping Jacks" and that it was the funniest thing ever. I'll have to agree. This is some funny stuff. The guy on the far right look like he's having a seizure or something lol, and the guy in the middle is just dancing. I never realized that jumping jacks aren't an exercise that is done everywhere in the world. I guess they take more practice than I thought. In the US you start doing them in elementary school and the military does them all the time. Is the US the only country that does jumping jacks?


Hot Jordanian News Anchor: Farah Yaghmour فرح يغمور

I saw this girl on the Jordanian channel الأردنية while practicing my Arabic on SCOLA. There need to be more anchors who look like this on US news stations! She does the Economy portion of the news, and normally I just skip that part of the news (along with the sports), but I could watch her read off stocks rising and falling all day. الحمد لله that she isn't from Saudi Arabia. It would be a sin for her to wear a niqab. Anyway, I made this video and cut out all the parts that were unimportant :P. Enjoy.


Confusion between the letters "P" and "B"

Just as many speakers of Asian languages have trouble distinguishing "L" and "R", lots of Arabs have difficulty in telling "P" and "B" apart. Since Arabic only has the "B" sound, "P" is unfamiliar to them. This can make for some hilarious mistakes if a native Arabic speaker hasn't quite mastered the nuances of English. Once I was sitting in class and on Mondays the teachers would always ask us what we did over the weekend. This particular teacher spoke and understood English very well, but still had trouble with "P" and "B". He'd say things like "banda bear" and the words "pet", "bet", "bit", and "pit" all sounded alike to him. He'd only be able to tell by context what you meant.

Well anyway, this one Monday he was going around the room and everyone was telling him what we did over the weekend. When he got to me I told him that I had watched the The Bourne Identity. When I said that he started to look a bit uncomfortable. He told me that I should keep things like that to myself. I asked him why and he said, "Porn isn't an appropriate topic for class." After the rest of the students and I explained to him why we were laughing so hard he realized his mistake.


The Old Man with the Cane: Faris Karam

This is one of my favorite Arabic songs and Faris Karam is one of my favorite singers. He's Lebanese and this song has a lot of words that someone who only studied MSA wouldn't know, so insha'allah you'll learn some new words.

ضيق لبسك ما عندك أوسع منه
Your clothes are tight! Don't you have any looser ones?

لت رباعة ولاد الحي فيك جنوا
3/4 of the boy
s in the neighborhood are crazy about you
تلت رباعة - three fourths
فيك جنوا - literally "in you they go crazy"

ختيار على العكازة عنت ع باله الجازة
The old man on the cane is thinking about marriage
ختيار - "old guy"
عكازة - cane
عنت ع باله - means the same thing as
خطر ع باله. It "came to his mind" or "occurred to him"
الجازة - marriage

طفل اللي حاملته أمه يكاغي أسمك ع تمه
The child being carried by his mom babbles your name
يكاغي - means to "goo goo gaa gaa" or "speak like a baby"
تم - mouth

عجبت خيه سحرت بيه ودوبت عمه
His (the baby's) brother likes you, you enchanted his father, and you melted his uncle
خي - is how you say أخ (brother) in Lebanese
سحر - to enchant
بي - is اب (dad)
دوب - is ذوب (melt)

هاي دي يقلك يقبرني هاي دي يصفر ويغني
This one says "bury me", and this one whistles and sings
هاي دي - this one
يقبرني - literally "
bury me", basically like saying "I'd die for you"

وتلاميذ المدارس ولا واحد فيهم دارس
And not one of the students at school are studying

أنت مرقت سرقت حرقت الاخضر واليابس
You passed by, stole, and burned the green and the earth
مرق - means "passed" it's the same thing as مر in MSA
سرق - stole
حرق - burned

الأخضر و اليابس - By "green" it means "plant life", and
يابس is anything dry which means "the ground". Basically with this line he's saying that she turns everything upside down when she walks by.

غيرت عملت عجقة سير ع المفارق ع المفارق
You turned and caused a pile up at the intersection
عجقة سير - means a backup or clogging of traffic
ع - in Lebanese they use this sometimes instead of على

عالم تسأل بعضا مين يلي مارق
Everyone is asking each other "who passed by"
بعض - this word is used to mean "each other" here. If you say مع بعض it means "together".

يلي - means which. It's the same as
الذي and التي in MSA
مارق - is the فاعل form of مرق which means "to pass by"

بوليس اللي
ع الاشارة ولعت بقلبه نارة
Fire has welled up in the heart of the policeman at the stoplight
الاشارة - means "stoplight"
ولع - means "to burst into flames"

سيارات يمشيهم عكس السير يوديهم
He is sending cars against the traffic
تمشى and ودى - mean the same thing, "to se
عكس - opposite
السير - the traffic

عم يطلع فيك أنت ومش سائل فيهم
He's looking at you and not caring about them
عم - turns the verb into an "-ing" verb, so it makes "look", "looking"
يطلع - look
سائل - "to care about" or "be concerned with"

واللي شعراته شابه يتحسر ع شبابه
And the one who is old is longing for his youth
شعرات - feelings
شايب - to get old
تحسر - to long for
شباب - youth

واللي من مرته خايف يعمل حاله مش شايف
And the one who is scared of his wife pretends that he isn't looking
مرته - his wife
خايف - scared

يعمل حاله - literally "does his condition", but that doesn't makes sense. It means to "make himself" or "pretend" here.

قلبه دايب مثل الحمرة اللي فوق الشفايف
His heart is melting like the lipstick on your lips
الحمرة - lipstick
شفايف - lips

تتمشي مثل الغزلان دادي دادي

You walk like the gazelle
دادي - means how gazelles walk, like stepping lightly

ويزم عليك الفسطان شوية زيادة
And your dress scoots up just a little bit
يزم - "to raise" or "scoot up"
شوية - a little bit

وبخصرك لما تموجي مثل الطفل الغنوجي
And when you wiggle your hips you're like a pampered child
خصر - the mid section of the body

لما - whenever. It's the same as عندما in MSA

تموجي - to wave like a wave. موج means wave
غنوجي - spoiled or pampered

ختيار يجن جنونه ويدبلك بعيونه
The old man is going crazy and flirts with you with his eyes
يدبلك بعيونه - like when a girl bats her eyelashes at a guy or when a guy looks at a girl like he "wants some"

أنا خايف يوقع ع الارض وعكازه يخونه
I'm scared that he'll fall on the ground and his cane will betray him
يخونه - it will betray him.

النسوان اللي حواليك يحكوا بالهمس عليك
The women that are around you talk in whispers about you

واللي تشوفك قبالها تخبي منك رجالها
And whoever sees you coming hides her husband from you

و ر
فيقتها من غيرتها راح تقتل حالها
And her friend is going to kill herself from jealousy
غيرة - jealousy
حالها - herself


Mickey Mouse Must Die!

I'll just leave this here:

الفأر في الشريعة الإسلامية. أيش نظرة الشريعة للفيران؟ سؤالك. ما يسموها سم... الشريعة سمّت الفأر فويسقة و أنه يُقتل في الحل و الحرم. و أنها تضرم على أهل البيت النار. و أن شيطان هيسيّر هذه الفأرة. يعني هذه من جنود إبليس... يسيّرها إبليس. و أن إذا وقعت في إيناء في... إلقوها و ما حولها إذا كان جامداً. إذا كان مائعاً يعني يرمى كله لأنها نجسة... الفأرة.

يعني الفأر في الشريعة يسمي شئ منقوط يعني مفسد يعني, كائن مفسد. أيش رأيك الآن بالفأرة عند الأطفال؟ يعني بعد "توم و جيري"؟ أيش نظرة الأطفال للفيران؟ يعني حتى الأشياء إلي طبعاً و شرعاً أو فطرةً أو عقلاً يعني كائنات منقوطة صارت عند الأطفال حاجة عظيمة.

و محبوبة.

و محبوبة الفيران حتى. يعني ميكي موس هذا شخصية عظيمة يعني. مع انه ميكي موس يعني شرعاً يُقتل بالحل و الحرم

Before I watched this I hadn't heard of في الحل و الحرم. It just means "everywhere". They are 2 places in Mecca. إيناء was also a new one for me. It means "pot". And مائع is another word I'd never heard. It means "liquid".

Hopefully you now know how evil Mickey Mouse is and that you must kill the people who are dressed as Mickey Mouse everywhere you find them. And don't forget Jerry! Damn western media teaching kids to love mice!