List of Best Levantine Dialect Lessons

This list includes the best Levantine dialect (Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian) lessons that I've done on this site over the past few years. The lessons are all taken from Arabic media, mostly TV shows, that way you hear how the words are actually said and you get them in context.

Just a side note, if you're learning Lebanese, for example, the Syrian lessons will still help you and vice versa. The Levantine dialects are so similar that there is a ton of shared vocabulary and the pronunciations are nearly the same.

*Updated April 18, 2012*


Lesson from the TV show بقعة ضو (Spotlight)
Lesson from جميل و هناء (Jamil and Hanaa)
"From your mouth to the gates of heaven"
Children Song اسناني واوا (My teeth hurt)
Comedy from فزلكة عربية (Fazlaka Arabia)
Children Song بابا تليفون (Dad! Phone!)
Another lesson from بقعة ضو (Spotlight)
"Don't talk about me"
Lesson from الحب المستحيل (Impossible Love)
Lesson from عليا (Aliya)
"Have a little shame"
"What can I tell you"


Lesson from اجيال (Generations)
Lyrics from "This Car Won't Run" by Fairouz
Lesson from Dr. Hala
Lesson from جويل (Joelle)
Lyrics from Dominique Hourani song معقول مش معقول
Jokes from اهضم شي (The Nicest Thing)
Lyrics from ختيار على العكازة (The Old Man on the Cane) by Faris Karam
Lyrics from الواوا (The booboo) by Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe talks about her love for Hasan Nasrallah
Lyrics from Libnani by عاصي الحلاني
Lyrics from Ouf Ouf by Nelly Makdessi


Lesson from Jordanian comedy group بث بياخة
Bedouin folk song by Fu'ad Hijazi


Palestinian Jokes Explained in English


Arabic Pod 101 Giveaway!

Edit 11/13/2011: Zachary won 1st prize and Camilo won 2nd prize. Thanks everyone for entering and I hope to do more giveaways in the future!

We had the Rocket Arabic giveaway a few weeks back and I think it went well as the first giveaway I've done on the site. There were 40 entries and the winner was very happy with her prize. Now Arabic Pod 101 contacted me about doing a giveaway! This time 2 prizes will be awarded. The first prize is a 1 month premium subscription (I seriously just typed subscribtion and had to delete it. Arabic has effected my brain.) to Arabic Pod 101. This includes access to their 203+ lesson archive for which new lessons come out weekly, lesson notes + review quizzes, 2000 core words and premium tools - flashcards, word bank, and just a ton of resources in general. Second prize will be your choice of 1 item from the Arabic Pod 101 store.


On the last giveaway I had people submit a comment with their name and email address which I viewed but didn't post to the site. This time I'd like entries to be a comment with your name and email in a format like thearabicstudent (at) yahoo (dot) com, or some other format that isn't going to be immediately recognizable to a web crawler as an email address.

You'll have a week from today to enter and I'll randomly draw the 2 winners on Friday, November 11. Thanks and good luck. :)