Hot Jordanian News Anchor: Farah Yaghmour فرح يغمور

I saw this girl on the Jordanian channel الأردنية while practicing my Arabic on SCOLA. There need to be more anchors who look like this on US news stations! She does the Economy portion of the news, and normally I just skip that part of the news (along with the sports), but I could watch her read off stocks rising and falling all day. الحمد لله that she isn't from Saudi Arabia. It would be a sin for her to wear a niqab. Anyway, I made this video and cut out all the parts that were unimportant :P. Enjoy.


imcesar said...

Arabic Student, you haven't seen anything until you've seen Latin American newscasters. Go to youtube and see


DJ Saleem Momani said...

hey motherfucker ..

First: We are a Jordanian people you do not allow [any form to speak of one of the news announcers like " farah yaghmour " never distinguished in this way .

Second: Who Give's you the rights to talk about this girl while she doing her duty ??

Third: Farah Yagmour is one of the most perfect presenters in jordan so who asked you for your stupid openion about her !?

AT LAST: We Love Our Presenters & Respect Them When They Are Doing There Duty On TV & Radio ,, So Shut Up Your Big Ass And Go Away !!

Anonymous said...

omg !!
who take's my name and comment on ?
oh plz admin delete this shit !

Thanx Arabic Student For This Gr8 Words About Our Presenter Fara7 Yaghmour =)
She's The Best On Radio Fann And Jordan T.V :-)
GO GO Fara7 :D !!

DJ Saleem Momani >> THE REAL ONE !

The Arabic Student said...

"We Love Our Presenters & Respect Them When They Are Doing There Duty On TV & Radio"

"Farah Yagmour is one of the most perfect presenters in jordan"

I think so too. That's why I made a post about her. =\

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I just wanna say that I'm from Saudi Arabia and I live in US right now but yea guys you still have a misconception about our lives in Saudi Arabia! Anyway I've never covered my face back home and I know lots of Saudi girls who are just like me especially in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia and let me be more specific I mean girls who are from Al-Qatif. Moreover, Saudi women work in banks, hospitals, shcools and universities! Some others are interviewers, singers, actresses and reporters as well:) and those do not cover their faces.
Just wanted to add this to ur info. Wish u good luck

بناتي said...
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Muslimah said...

sigh. It's a sin for you not to be able to lust over her body? Seriously, why do you treat women like meat? You are a pig and make me glad I am a covered Muslim woman; my body is not for you to drool over, and your comment has just proven every Muslim woman who covers that indeed she covers for good reason. Allah protect Farah from masochist pigs like you.

al-Urduni said...

Wow, what an asshole of a comment "TheArabicStudent", I mean a "SIN" to wear a Niqaab? That's the biggest slap in the face for our Arab culture you could give, she just looks like another whore American Fox News anchor.

Atleast have RESPECT; IDC if you agree with it or not.