Mickey Mouse Must Die!

I'll just leave this here:

الفأر في الشريعة الإسلامية. أيش نظرة الشريعة للفيران؟ سؤالك. ما يسموها سم... الشريعة سمّت الفأر فويسقة و أنه يُقتل في الحل و الحرم. و أنها تضرم على أهل البيت النار. و أن شيطان هيسيّر هذه الفأرة. يعني هذه من جنود إبليس... يسيّرها إبليس. و أن إذا وقعت في إيناء في... إلقوها و ما حولها إذا كان جامداً. إذا كان مائعاً يعني يرمى كله لأنها نجسة... الفأرة.

يعني الفأر في الشريعة يسمي شئ منقوط يعني مفسد يعني, كائن مفسد. أيش رأيك الآن بالفأرة عند الأطفال؟ يعني بعد "توم و جيري"؟ أيش نظرة الأطفال للفيران؟ يعني حتى الأشياء إلي طبعاً و شرعاً أو فطرةً أو عقلاً يعني كائنات منقوطة صارت عند الأطفال حاجة عظيمة.

و محبوبة.

و محبوبة الفيران حتى. يعني ميكي موس هذا شخصية عظيمة يعني. مع انه ميكي موس يعني شرعاً يُقتل بالحل و الحرم

Before I watched this I hadn't heard of في الحل و الحرم. It just means "everywhere". They are 2 places in Mecca. إيناء was also a new one for me. It means "pot". And مائع is another word I'd never heard. It means "liquid".

Hopefully you now know how evil Mickey Mouse is and that you must kill the people who are dressed as Mickey Mouse everywhere you find them. And don't forget Jerry! Damn western media teaching kids to love mice!


Anonymous said...

"الحل و الحرم"
it's an expression in arabic and it is not a name for a specific place, instead it may be taken as a reference to time or place. and in both cases the meaning is the same.

the time reference is the three months during which muslims are forbidden from fighting (killing). so the meaning would be "you can kill mickey anytime of the year including the forbidden months"

the place reference is the area in and around the holy city of mecca where muslims also are not supposed to fight or kill. in this case the meaning would be "you can kill mickey anywhere on this earth even in holy places"

lol :)

The Arabic Student said...

"you can kill mickey anytime of the year including the forbidden months"


Anonymous said...

also الحرم means the time when you make IHRAM and wear the white cloth when you are going to HAJ ( Pilgrim ) this time you are not allowed to hunt animals except mice

الحل is the opposite and its the time when you finish HAJ and you wear your ordinary clothes

Anonymous said...

The video never said to kill people with mickey mouse costumes on, Simply that mice are filthy rodents just like the swine is a filthy pig. The cleric simply touched upon how western society makes filthy things seem attractive, such as mice, pigs and immorality, all of which are filthy things.