Dana Halabi: 100/100

As I've said before listening to songs is a great way to learn a language. Songs are meant to be catchy and stick in your mind. This song by دانا حلبي is in Egyptian even though she is from Lebanon. Lots of pop singers start out singing in Egyptian even if they aren't from Egypt since that way they'll get the largest audience. Then once they have a big audience they can go back to singing in their dialect too. Singers like this help break the stereotype of Arabs. They don't all wear غترة و عقال و برقع. They can be just as sexy as US pop stars! Horray! The singing doesn't start until 1:31.

بالحب انا والله لسة استاهل واحد على خمسة - In love I still only deserve 1/5
استاهل - "I deserve". The MSA equivalent is استحق
لسة - still
واحد على خمسة - imagine that she's being graded on a scale of 1 to 5. She gets a 1/5 in the test of love.

باللعب شاطرة وشقية و انا واخدة 100/100 - In playing around I'm skilled and naughty and I get 100/100
لعب - playing around
شاطرة - clever, skilled
واخدة - the root is أخذ in MSA. It means to take.

لما ارقض انا وانت تبص حأرقص لك على وحدة ونص - When I dance and you are watching, I will dance for you in the 1 and 1/2 time.
وحدة و نص - this is a kind of time in Arabic music. In western music we have 2/2 and 4/4 and 6/8 measures. You'll know what I mean if you've ever played sheet music.1 and 1/2 time is most popular in Egyptian belly dancing.

و اغني غنوة شقية و تديني 100/100 - and I'll sing a naughty song and you'll give me 100/100
تديني - you give me. In MSA تهديني from the word هدية meaning gift. I guess they just drop the ه in Egyptian.

مدرسة الحب انا خشتها دروس الحب انا نستها - I went to the school of love, but I forgot the lessons (of love).

خش - means to enter. Very common word. Make sure you know it!

باللعب قالوا دي هيه دندونة البنت اللعبية - in fooling around they say, "That's her! Dandoun. The best player of the game."

دندونة - this is a nickname. Arabs do this a lot and this girl does it even more. She also calls herself دودو which she might decide against if she knew the meaning in English lol. I watch a show called تامر و شوقية and شوقية has the nickname شوشو. It's a common thing to have nicknames in the Arab world. More common than in the US.

دوق دوق قرب دوق ملبن طيب مش محروق - taste, taste, come closer and taste a tasty marshmallow that isn't burned

This is my favorite line of the whole song because it rhymes lol.
دوق - in MSA it's ذوق and it means taste
ملبن - I've seen this translated as marshmallow and Turkish delight among other things. If you type ملبن into Google you'll get an idea as to what it is.

مش رح تعرف غير ما تدوق وتديني 100/100 - you won't know unless you taste and you'll give me 100/100

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