List of Best Levantine Dialect Lessons

This list includes the best Levantine dialect (Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, Palestinian) lessons that I've done on this site over the past few years. The lessons are all taken from Arabic media, mostly TV shows, that way you hear how the words are actually said and you get them in context.

Just a side note, if you're learning Lebanese, for example, the Syrian lessons will still help you and vice versa. The Levantine dialects are so similar that there is a ton of shared vocabulary and the pronunciations are nearly the same.

*Updated April 18, 2012*


Lesson from the TV show بقعة ضو (Spotlight)
Lesson from جميل و هناء (Jamil and Hanaa)
"From your mouth to the gates of heaven"
Children Song اسناني واوا (My teeth hurt)
Comedy from فزلكة عربية (Fazlaka Arabia)
Children Song بابا تليفون (Dad! Phone!)
Another lesson from بقعة ضو (Spotlight)
"Don't talk about me"
Lesson from الحب المستحيل (Impossible Love)
Lesson from عليا (Aliya)
"Have a little shame"
"What can I tell you"


Lesson from اجيال (Generations)
Lyrics from "This Car Won't Run" by Fairouz
Lesson from Dr. Hala
Lesson from جويل (Joelle)
Lyrics from Dominique Hourani song معقول مش معقول
Jokes from اهضم شي (The Nicest Thing)
Lyrics from ختيار على العكازة (The Old Man on the Cane) by Faris Karam
Lyrics from الواوا (The booboo) by Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe talks about her love for Hasan Nasrallah
Lyrics from Libnani by عاصي الحلاني
Lyrics from Ouf Ouf by Nelly Makdessi


Lesson from Jordanian comedy group بث بياخة
Bedouin folk song by Fu'ad Hijazi


Palestinian Jokes Explained in English


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Thank you very much for all this wonderful material, I do hope you ll continue helping us!!! Thanks again

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Hey! I'm a half turkish half syrian guy living in Sweden and I must say that I'm SOOOOOOO IMPRESSED OF YOU! WOW!!!!!
You're better than me!! And how you pronounce the different dialects, wow wow wow, amazing!!
How ever I'm very bad at arabic since we talked more turkish at home, but this is one of my fav songs, and I'd love if you could translate it and write it down in arabic letters, PLEASE!!
Greetings from Sweden!

the song:

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a very useful post of a very useful blog, shokran jazilan...!! :-)

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come back Arabic Student!!

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Fallimha is the first YouTube show that teaches English through films . Please check it out and give us your feed back about the idea . Thanks

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Just found this list and wanted to drop a quick thanks for sharing. Appreciate it!