Syrian Revolution Song يلا ارحل يا بشار

The Syrians have got some good chants going for their revolution. This one is really catchy and has a nice rhythm. It's called Get out, Bashar يلا ارحل يا بشار . It's a mix between song and chant really. They even insult Bashar's speech impediment! Low blow. Anyway, here we go. The sound quality of the recordings I found aren't that great. Here are other videos of the same song with variations: Chicago (this one is slower), 10 Downing Street. I've put the best one available here along with the lyrics and translation. There is also a vocab list at the bottom.

يلا ارحل يا بشار - Get out, Bashar.

و يا بشار مانك منا - Bashar you are not one of us.

(Video starts here.)

خوذ ماهر وارحل عنا - Take Maher and leave us.
و شرعيتك سقطت عنا - Your legitimacy has fallen.
و يلا ارحل يا بشار - Get out, Bashar.

يا بشار و يا كذاب - Oh Bashar you liar.
تضرب أنت وهالخطاب - To hell with you and your speech.
الحرية صارت على الباب - Freedom is at the door.

و يلا ارحل يا بشار - Get out, Bashar.

و يا ماهر و يا جبان - Oh Maher you coward.
و يا عميل الامريكان - You agent of the Americans.
الشعب السوري ما بينهان - The Syrian people will not be insulted.

و يلا ارحل يا بشار - Get out, Bashar.

و يا بشار طز فيك - Bashar, screw you.
و طز يلي بيحييك - And screw those you salute you.
و الله تعبنا نطلّع فيك - We're tired and we will kick you out. (This line is a little different in the ones I've heard)

و يلا ارحل يا بشار - Get out, Bashar.

و يا بشار حاجة تدور - Bashar, stop hiding.
و دمك بحماة مهدور - Your blood is worthless in Hamah (meaning, we will kill you without a second thought)
و خطأك مانو مغفور - Your mistake is not forgiven.

و يلا ارحل يا بشار - Get out, Bashar.

لسا كل فترة حرامي - There are new thieves all the time.
شاليش وماهر ورامي - Shalish and Maher and Rami
سرقوا اخواتي وعمامي - They robbed my my brothers and my uncles.

و يلا ارحل يا بشار - Get out, Bashar.

و يا بشار و يا مندس - Bashar, you infiltrator.
تضرب انت وحزب البعث - Screw you and the Ba'ath party.
و روح صلّح حرف الاس - And go fix your letter 's'. (Bashar has a slight speech impediment. These guys make fun of it a lot.)

و يلا ارحل يا بشار - Get out, Bashar.

و بدنا نشيلو لبشار و بهمتنا القوية - We will remove Bashar by our strong determination.
سوريا بدها حرية - Syrian wants freedom.

(Video ends here)

و بلا ماهر و بلا بشار وهالعصابة الهمجية - No Maher and no Bashar and no barbaric gang.
سوريا بدها حرية - Syria wants freedom.

Vocabulary List:

  • ارحل (irHal) - Get out, leave
  • شرعية (shar'iyah) - legitimacy
  • سقط (SaqaTa) - to fall
  • تضرب (tuDrub) - literally "to hit", but used the way it is in the song it means like "screw you" or "to hell with you". Not as bad as a curse word, but not polite.
  • طز (Tuz) - "Screw you". Saying طز فيك is like saying كس اختك but not as vulgar. It's like the difference between "screw you" and "fuck you" in English.
  • مهدور (mahdoor) - worthless, no value. Saying Bashar's blood is worthless in Hamah (a Syrian city) means that no one values his life, meaning no one will be sad if he dies. The video says he is a wanted man in Hamah which is right too.
  • مغفور (maghfoor) - forgiven
  • همجي (hamaji) - barbaric, savage


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Anonymous said...

Hey, awesome to see that you're back updating the blog!!

One question here:
how does "stop hiding" translate into:
حاجة تدور

to me "7aaja" means "need", or in Egyptian dialect, "thing"...
as for the second word, I hear "taduru", "you turn" in fus7aa, but surely that can't be it...

Any help appreciated!

The Arabic Student said...

Anon, حاجة in Levantine dialect means stop or quit, imperatively. حاجة تنام would be "quit sleeping".

The تدور sounds like تدورو because the next word is و. The translation in the video went with "stop hiding", but you could go with "stop running around" too. You are right though, دور means turn too.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Glad you're posting again.
-your Israeli fan

Anonymous said...

Word حاجة has two meaning in Levantine


ما في حاجة تيجي=there is no need you to come

2.enough! stop! don't!

حاجة تبكي=Stop crying!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!


makkay said...

As already pointed out حاجه is a colloquialism used in Al-Sham to mean "that's enough and quit it" or "stop it already".. when added with a verb, it's like quit doing that. It could easily be confused with the word حاجة which in MSE means "a need" or in many Arabic varieties "something" or "a thing"

Also.. just wanted to point out that you really need to immerse in the culture to completely understand and appreciate the mildness of the expletives and curse words in a language.. Although your translation conveys the meaning and message of these words, there are differences in usage, effect, and strength of such words.

ProfAshok said...

here is another catchy song on the Houla maasacre at


Anonymous said...

tuzz طز =
it means something like so what or what ever we use it as word with attitude to express that we care less more than you can think, but it doesn't mean I love you nor the hell with you, there's impolite expression for that...
Any way here are some example for the word tuzz :

A: I'll tell dad on you
B: tuzz = I don't care (but if he did tell on you, you are in deep .....)

A : its hard exam dude
B : tuzz = so what

A : do you know who the hell you are talking to?
B : tuzz= what ever

but if someone told you tuzz, tell them
tuzz fiki/fik = right back at ya