No One Takes a Sandwich to a Restaurant

This saying is mostly used when a man doesn't want to take his wife or girlfriend to a place where he plans on hitting on other women.  The wife or girlfriend is the sandwich in the saying.  The restaurant would be like a nightclub or something.  The saying in Arabic is ما حدا بيروح على مطعم و ياخذ ساندويتشته معه .  I made a video about the saying and I've also go the clip that I originally heard it.  The show is called Jamil w Hanaa and you can watch it on MTV Lebanon.

This context for this clip is that the man is going on a trip to some country that requires a visa.  He didn't get a visa for his wife and then she says the sandwich thing.

انا ما قدمتلك ع الفيسا لا

I didn't apply for the visa for you, no. 

 طبعاً!  لأنه ما حدا بيروح على مطعم و ياخذ ساندويتشته معه

Of course (not)! Because no one goes to a restaurant and takes his sandwich with him!

شلون حزرتي؟ برافو

How did you guess?  Bravo!

ولو؟ من السفرة الماضية

Seriously? From the last trip.


Anonymous said...

this is a great post :) love syrian idioms!

Anonymous said...

No one brings sand to the beach!