Ramadan 2012 TV Shows

I always look forward to Ramadan each year, not because I am religious, but because it means new TV programs and series (مسلسلات) on the Arabic channels.  Ramadan starts on July 19th in 2012 and looking at MBC's website they have about 8 new shows:

عمر - MSA.  This show looks really good from the preview.  The production quality is really high (the preview says it's the "biggest Arab production") and stylistically it reminds me of 300, Gladiator, or Spartacus.  There's a pretty big outcry in the Arab world about this show though.  A lot of people don't want it to be broadcast because it is about one of Islam's main personalities, 'Umar bin al-Khattab.  I'm hoping the show's quality lives up to the preview.

كنة الشام و كناين الشامية - Gulf drama.  I thought this one was going to be in Syrian because it has شام in the title, but I guess that's just a last name because the show is in Gulf Arabic.

حبر العيون - Gulf drama.

الخواجة عبد القادر - Egyptian drama.

طيش عيال - Gulf animated comedy.

حلفت عمري - Gulf drama.

حكايات بنات - Egyptian drama.

خواطر 8 - MSA/Gulf educational/religious program.  This show is one that I watch each year.  My favorite season was when they went to Japan and compared the Japanese way of life to the Arab way of life and talked about how Arab countries could learn from the Japanese.  It was really interesting.  Season 8 looks to be about charity around the world and helping the poor.

These shows are just the ones that MBC is showing.  If you go to this link, you'll see all the Ramadan 2012 shows that has on its site from many different channels.  There you'll find more variety.  MBC is very Gulf Arabic oriented because it's a Saudi channel.


Anonymous said...

Arabic Student, I have a question for you: how often do you get to speak Arabic (apart from your trip to Jordan)? I am curious as to how you have reached such a high level even though you seem to live in the US. Do you skype with natives, or do you know Arabs where you live?

Or do you pretty much just focus on listening?

Anonymous said...

Yeh this is something I have wondered too> Share your secrets Arabic Student!!!


Anonymous said...

are you on facebook?

Anonymous said...

yesterday i saw this episode from a Syrian series, extremely funny and a sad ending, thought about sharing it

a snap of it:

the whole thing:

Anonymous said...

Omar Shaw is amazing i'm totally hooked to it, all the episodes are being added daily on shahid
you can increase the quality with the right mouse menu

the Shaw made by mainly Syrians (most of the actors and the director), the story is by a Palestinian, the Finance is by mbc and qatar tv

Anonymous said...

Hi ! Always amazed by your website, which is helping a lot ... Especially witht he dialect (5 years studying MSA in uni is ok, I'm pretty much satisfied, but we never studied any dialect which is stupid I think, you need both MSA and at least a dialect to consider yourself "arabophone').
Anyway, I wondered : where do you get the MBC TV shows ? No problem with MTV on their website, but I can't find the MBC ones ... (I'm lucky to have MBC1 on satellite, but can't record the shows when I'm away, so I miss them all the time!)