Bent Al Wadi - Girl of the Valley (بنت الوادي)

I guess Bent Al Wadi could be translated as "Valley Girl", but that makes me think of girls from San Fernando Valley California, so I think this way is better. Anyway, this is a really awesome song.

انا انا بنت الوادي انا هنا هنا شمس وخضرة هنا - I'm a girl from the valley. There is sun and green here.

يدن الديك اصحى اوام اعجن واخبز و اسقي الحمام - The rooster crows and I wake up. I kneed the dough, bake bread, and give the pigeons water.

اومال دنا بنت بلد اوي اومال دنا حلوة وجدعة اوي - That's me, a girl of my country. That's me, very pretty and strong.

انام في وقت العشا و الفجر اقوم اصحى و انام مفرفشة كدا كل يوم - I go to sleep at dinner time and get up at dawn. I get up and sleep like this happily every day.

يدن الديك اصحى اوام اعجن واخبز واسقي الحمام
اومال دنا بنت بلد اوي اومال دنا حلوة وجدعة اوي

عجباني العيشة كدا اهو دا الكلام - I like life like this. That's right.
انا عمري هنا ابتدى اه يا سلام - My life began here. Oh yeah.

يدن الديك اصحى اوام اعجن واخبز واسقي الحمام
اومال دنا بنت بلد اوي اومال دنا حلوة وجدعة اوي

I really have no clue what اومال means, so if someone could fill me in I'd be forever grateful!


Anonymous said...

You're so funny. I have been following your questions on Yahoo Answers. I thought there was something creepy about you at first but now that I saw your blog I understand you're just trying to learn the language.
So....."my apologies there"
"Omal" means hmmm. My wife and I have been trying to figure out the meaning of this word, even though both of us are native speakers of Egyptian Arabic.
I need to give you some piece of advice. You'll find that there are so many words that Arabs use, and they don't even know what these words mean. They know how to use them correctly, they also know when to use them, but they don't know the literal meaning.
Here is my best attempt at trying to translate this meaning:
Omal means "or what?"
It should be used in the following contexts:
Man: Ente bethebeny ya Sara?" Do you love me Sara?"
Wife: Omal ya Youssef? Tab'an bahebak." yes Youssef, what did you think= "omal"'an = "sure"

I am sorry for my lousy explanation of the word, but this is one of the hardest words.

"Ismaily Rules"

The Arabic Student said...

Thanks a lot for the explanation! Finding definitions for dialect words, even in the vastness of the internet, is sometimes not possible.

Anonymous said...

السلام عليكم أخي
أولا أهنئك على اتقانك للغة العربية وأود القول أن اللغة العربية الفصحى هي الأصل فإن استهزء بك شخص ما لأنك تتحدث بالفصحى فاعلم أنه انسان لا يفقه في الأمر شئ لأن الفصحى هي من تربط جميع الدول والشعوب العربية مهما اختلفت
والنقطة الثانية التي أريد أن أنوه اليها هي الموسيقى العربية خاصة تلك الأصيلة منها التي تكون كلمات أغانيها شعرا ولحنها مرفوق بالآلات الموسيقية العربية،واسمح لي أن أدعوك لسماع الفنان العربي والموسيقار "مارسيل خليفة" marcel khalifa
فموسيقاه أصيلة وكذا كلمات أغانيه التي تحمل قيما جميلة ومثل عليا تبرز جمال الشعر العربي وكذا الأغنية العربية الأصيلة
شكرا ووفقكم الله
بيسان /الجزائر

baha yasin said...

أومال its like a tag question
like she says : isn't me
or means yes that right , (according to that previous speech)

it doesn't have much meaning
you can translate it as (yeah)