Arabic Simpsons: Season 2 Episode 15

Well I haven't done one of these in a while and it's amazing to me how much more I understand than I did only a few months ago. I think a lot of the time your brain just needs time to process the new information that you're giving it. I understood practically everything in this episode and it's really encouraging me to keep studying. Even if you don't think you're learning anything when studying a language, or feel that the language level is too advanced for you, your brain is still filing away the things you're hearing for later!

0:04 تعالو نكمل جدول اعملنا - Come, let's complete our plan (literally schedule of our works)

1:14 و نحمد ربنا على الطاقة النووية إلي ما سببتش ضرر مميت لحد دلوقتي على الاقل ببلدنا - And we praise our Lord for nuclear power that has never caused any deadly damage to this point, at least not in our country.

1:26 بابا, بدر اكل فصولية و انت بتدعي - Dad, Bart ate some beans while you were praying. (Literally, "Bart ate beans AND you were praying".)

1:27 و عرفت إزاي و إحنا مفروض نركز و إحنا بندعي - And how did you know? We're supposed to focus when we're praying. (Again they use "AND we're praying" to mean "while we're praying". This is how you express it even in MSA.)

1:56 ما نطقناش - We didn't utter a word. (This is hard to hear if you aren't used to Egyptian.)

تحب بتفسح العصفورة؟ 2:57 - Want to go out? (Can't really be translated literally. It has nothing to do with a bird.)

3:53 اخ غير شقيق و ضايع؟ ده اكيد فلم هندي - An illegitimate, lost brother? That's gotta be from an Indian movie.

4:13 مش ده برضه ملجأ - Is this still an orphanage? (ملجأ usually means refuge or safe place.)

4:30 هدي نفسك. دول مالهوش بعيد - Calm down. They aren't far.

4:59 دي بنسبة لي مسألة حياة و موت - This is a matter of life and death for me.

5:04 اخوك يمكن يكون في أي حتة, حتى ديترويت - Your brother could be anywhere, even in Detroit.

5:08 يمكن يبقا حتى في المريخ. على شان كده عيزك تضيقلي الإحتمالات ارجوك - And he might even be on Mars! That's why I want you to narrow down the possibilities for me. Please!

5:14 لو سألتني الاخوة الحقيقية ما تلقهاش في واشنطن. بتلاقيها في ديترويت - Well if you ask me you won't find your real brother in Washington. You'll find him in Detroit.

5:18 بتقول لو سألتني - You said "if you ask me".

7:00 إحنا وصلنا خلاص؟ - Are we there yet?

7:01 لسة شوية كمان - We've still got a little longer.

7:09 نرجع؟ بس يا مونا انا عيز اشوف اخوية - Go back? But Marge, I want to see my brother!

7:11 إفهم بقا يا عمرو ده تهديد و خلاص - Listen, Homer. It was only a threat. (In Egyptian they throw the word بقا around a lot. It's basically for emphasis.)

9:26 دي مراتي مونا و ده سعرها - This is my wife Marge and this is her hair.

9:59 اه! شامم ريح الطفل الرضيع - Ah! The smell of a baby. (رضيع means nursing)

10:55 ممكن تكتمو شوية؟ - Could you shut up a bit?

11:11 بص و انا بنط - Watch me jump!

11:14 خلاص! إن شاء الله تغرقو - Enough! I hope you drown!

12:17 ما عندناش احجام كبيرة - We don't have big sizes.

13:33 عيزة اركب سيسي - I want to ride a pony.

13:34 عيز اركب يخت كبير - I want to ride a big yacht.

13:54 اي فيدته ده - What's this for?

15:47 هتقفل السكة دلوقتي و هتتصل بي تاني و تقول عكس الكل إلي سمعت منك - You're going to hang up the phone now and call me again and say the opposite of everything I just heard from you.

16:12 و نظافته الشخصية حاجة فوق الوصف - And his personal hygiene is something indescribable! (in a good way)

17:38 بطريق - penguin

18:22 و اخيرا إتحقق الحلم - And at last the dream has been realized

18:26 نقدم السيارة المصممة للرجل العادي - We present the car designed for the common man

18:38 البشع دي يطلع ثمنه كم؟ - How much is this ugly thing going to cost?

19:11 حاسس بشعور بذنب - I feel guilty


Keith said...

your brain is still filing away the things you're hearing for later!

Exactly! I think you and I agree.

matt said...

ممتاز! شكرا لهده الحلقة الجديدة. أنا احب الترجمة ايضا. بالتوفيق في تعلُمك