Myriam Fares: I'm Not Selfish أنا مش أنانية

You can spell ميريام فارس's name like 100 different ways. If it were me I would spell it "Miriam Faris". I think that way is most likely to get pronounced right by English speakers but it seems the most common way is how I put it in the title. The music doesn't start in this video until 1:12 so go there if you want to skip all the dramatics. I don't usually like slow songs but this one is an exception. I pretty much like every song she does and I'll probably post more in the future. The official Melody Music Group channel on YouTube has 6 of her songs and is always putting up more songs from popular current Arab musicians. I didn't really like Arabic music at first, but I've found that most music will grow on you if you listen to it enough.

حاول تختار بيني وبينها - Try to choose between me and her
حاول ...حاول - Try... try
الاحسن تظلمني وتظلمها - Or else you will hurt me and hurt her
(the root ظلم means "to treat unfairly")
(الاحسن usually translates to "the best" but here it means "or else")
حاول...حاول - Try... try
خلي في قلبك وحدة وبس - Let there be only one in your heart
(خلي means "to let" here. For example: خلينا نمشي means "let's go")
وحدة ...وحدة - One... one
علشان تقدر بيها تحس - So that you can love her
(حس literally means "to feel", but "so that you can feel her" doesn't translate well o.O)
حب وحدة - Love her alone
اما لو احنا معاك الاتنين - If the 2 of us are with you
انت مفيش عندك قلبين - you don't have 2 hearts
علشان بيها وبيا تحس - because you have feelings for me and for her

انا مش انانية...انانية ...انانية - I am not selfish... selfish... selfish
انا عايزاك لي لوحدي - I want you for myself alone
انا مش انانية ...انانية...انانية -
I am not selfish... selfish... selfish
انا ممكن اسيبك و امشي - I might just leave you and go
قرر تبقى معاها ولا معايا - Decide if you're going to stay with her or with me

لا محصلش وكل ده كذب - It never happened and this is all lies
انا من بعدك عمري ما احب - I have never loved anyone but you in my whole life
مهما تقولي ومهما تعيدي انت لوحدك جوه القلب - No matter how many times you say and how many times you repeat "you are the only one in my heart"
اوعى تقولي كلام مش صح - Don't say things that aren't true
(اوعى means don't. اوعى تعمل هيك - don't do that)
لا ياحياتي كلام مش صح - No my love, things that aren't true

انت عايش لي وعايش بيها - You are living for me and you are living for her
عايش ...عايش - Living... living
نصك ليا ونصك ليها - Half of you for me and half of you for her
عايش ...عايش - Living... living
كذب عليا وكذب عليها - You lie to me and you lie to her
كذبة ...كذبة - Lies... lies
لا بترضيني ولا بترضيها - You don't satisfy me and you don't satisfy her
صعب نحس - It's hard to feel
قاسم قلبك ليه نصين؟ - Why do you divide your heart into 2 halves?
عشان كدا ما احناش حاسين - Because of that neither of us are feeling
لا انا ولا هي هنرضى بنص - Neither I nor her will be satisfied with half

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Ana said...

I remember last year trying to translate this song using some lyrics I had found, and I had so manyyy doubtss!! This is great :)