Naya: I wish بتمنى

Naya نايا is a new Arab pop singer and as far as I know this is the only song that she's done. I think she'll be pretty popular. She smoking hot and it doesn't look like she's had any plastic surgery. The afro-Arab staring at her throughout the song cracks me up.

قالت عينيك حاجة و حسيت اني محتاجة تاخدني - Your eyes said something and I felt that I needed you to take me
في حضنك انت وانسا كل الدنيا دي - and hug me and forget this whole world

  • تاخدني في حضنك انت - Literally this mean "take me into your bosom"

بيروح خيالي معاك بعيد بحلم كتير - With you, my imagination goes far away and I dream a lot
بس الأكيد إنك حبيبي الي ياما حلمت بيه - but you are definitely my love that I have always dreamed of

  • ياما - always

بتمنى اعيش في قربك و اتهنى - I wish to live close to you and be happy
و تبعد الأحزان عنا - and that you keep the sadness away from us
أنا و انت - me and you

هستنا ياخدني حبك للجنة - I will wait for your love to take me to paradise
و تضحك الدنيا عشانا - and the world will laugh for us
يا ترى إمتى - I wonder when

  • هستنا - remember that the ه at the beginning is for future tense so, "I will wait"
  • يا ترى - here the يا isn't referring to anyone. It's just a saying that means "I wonder". There is also يا ريت which means "if only"

بحلم تكون لي وتملا دنيتي عليا - I dream that you will be mine and fill my world
و نفسي يا حبيبي أقولك إنت بالنسبالي ايه - and I want to tell you, my love, how much you
mean to me
  • إنت بالنسبالي ايه - Literally "what you are in relation to me"
شايفا في عينيك أجمل كلام - I see the most beautiful speech in your eyes
مستني ايه؟ ما تقول قوام - Why are you waiting? Why don't you say it quickly?
بداري حبك يا حبيبي عني ليه - why are you hiding your love from me?

  • ما تقول قوام - Literally "don't say quickly", but it means "why don't you say it quickly" or "you aren't saying it quickly", referring to the "beautiful speech" in his eyes.
  • بداري - hiding

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