Thinking About Getting an Arabic Tattoo?

Make sure you read this! The guy goes through all the mistakes that people make time and time again when getting a tattoo written in Arabic. Yes, Arabic looks a lot cooler than English if you're an English speaker and I have nothing against people who get Arabic tattoos. One of my friends has "otter" (قضاعة) written on his leg. Just make sure you check with someone who knows Arabic before you get something permanent. Don't end up like the girl in the picture. م ا ل س


Cat said...

I love his designs! And the bad tats he finds are hilarious. Well, for us. Not so much for the people who decided to get something tattooed on them in a language they don't know.

wisemanleo said...

Please please please keep up the great work!!! I love EVERYTHING you've done so far!

Phil said...

Hilarious. How do you say Schadenfreude in Arabic?