France 24 Arabic Commercial Campaign

On YouTube I subscribe to the French news channel France 24 and today I noticed some videos titled so and so "apprend l'arabe". I don't know much French, but I understand enough to know that that means so and so "learns Arabic". To promote their Arabic news channel they have these faked videos of famous people trying to speak Arabic. There's Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Hu Jintao, and the Queen of England learning things like numbers and how to say hello. They're all really funny, but my favorite part is how they have Bill Gates say "4". I'm sure this is how my Arabic sounded 3 years ago. :D

Bill Gates:

Barack Obama:

Queen of England

Hu Jintao


tbonesteak said...

Man I love this site so much! I'm a Pimsleur/JR Smart user but I supplement my studies every day with a clip from this site. Keep up the good work brother! I'll be sure to email you a link to my blog if I ever put it up.

dana said...

Bill Gates's video is
very funny
his face looks fun !

Jaz said...

I just came here cos I know I'm always going to find something interesting. Love this!

Jessy said...

I'm living in France at the moment -- LOVE THESE commercials, though I have yet to see them on tv. I need to check out France24!

Didite said...

Oh this is soooo funny. Especially when Bills Gates is trying to say 4 because what he actually saying is "arobase", which is the French world for this symbol @.

Anonymous said...

I love the one with the Queen of England, it refers to the famous sentence "my tailor is rich", which was the first lesson for learning english in the famous "Assimil Method" to learn languages, which has become so popular in France that this sentence has become proverbial.
Great blog anyway !