Lebanese Phrases from Fares Karam Songs

These phrases all come from songs by Fares Karam. As far as I'm concerned doing things like this is the best way to learn a language, i.e. using authentic material like songs and videos. In the video I sing the phrases the way Fares Karam sings them and also say them word by word so you can tell where one word ends and the next word begins. That was one of my big problems when trying to learn Levantine dialect. Everything would just run together since things aren't said as separated as they are in MSA. Let me know if things like this are helpful and what you'd like more of.

بقعد من دون شمس و ماي, بس ما بقعد بلاكي (ba'ud min doon shams oo mai, bes ma ba'ud balaaki) - I can go without sun and water, but I can't go without you.

ضيق لبسك ما عندك أوسع منه (dayyi' libsik ma 'andik aws'a minu) - Your clothes are tight, don't you have any looser ones?

نام بغني بوعا بغني ضيعتيلي عقلي مني وخليتيني دوب (nam baghanni boo'a baghanni day'atili 'a'li mini oo kheleytini doob) - I sing in my sleep, I sing when I'm awake, you made me lose my mind and made me melt.

اللي بتقصر تنورة تلحقها عيون الشباب (Illi bit'assir tanoora tilha'ha 'ayoon ashabab) - The one who shortens her skirt, the eyes of the boys follow her.

وين بتكوني انا بكون و حبك بدي (wayn bitkooni ana bkoon oo hobik bedi) - Where you are, I am and I want your love.

شفتها بشارع الحمرا بإيدها في قلم حمرا عم بتشيله من الجزدان (shifta bshaari' al hamra bi eeda fi 'alam hamra 'am bitsheelu min al jizdaan) - I saw her on "Red" street with a lipstick in her hand taking it out of the purse.


Anonymous said...

I am an Arabic native speaker. You are doing a quite good job, you speak nearly like a native speaker. Keep working and good luck.

Anonymous said...

You are really great. Thanks sooo much for these:) I check your blog weekly and it is nice to see you are back this week! Keep up the worderful info, pleasssssee!

The Arabic Student said...

Anon, thanks much!

Tim, it's good to know that the blog is beneficial. :)

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job! Please please please could you do a post on how you have got to this level? I am a couple of months in and finding it VERY frustrating! I am sure you have come across plateaus as you learn. What did you do in your first year of learning..what was your approach? did you use books, podcasts etc? How did you find it? I think this would REALLY help all us Arab learners who aspire to be where you are in our learning! Thanks so much!