Saudi Arabia Starting on the World's Tallest Building

It seems like Saudi Arabia is taking the example of Dubai and trying to attract tourism with amazing buildings. Have a look at this article that talks about Saudi Arabia beginning work on the tallest building in the world. It will dwarf the current tallest building that was recently finished in Dubai, but it's not going to be completed for over 5 years, so Dubai's Burj Khalifa can hold on to its title for a little while longer.


Rituparno Ghosh said...

That's a cool piece of information, waiting to see it live!

Anonymous said...

Clearly the Saudis are compensating for something.

shajeel said...

Prophet Mohammed's (S.A.W.S) prophecy about the signs of Judgement day "Shepherds competing in building tall structures"...what a coincidence!!!

فواز بن ناصر ال سعود said...

مرحبا تابعت مقاطعك باليوتيوب و مقالتك بخصوص الالعاب الالكترونية ولانك طلبت معلومات عن الالعاب الالترونية .

لعبة امل الشعوب ولعبة تريفيان مشهوره جدا كما يمكن ان يفيدك موقع لاشتراكات الالعاب (فانابي)و

وبتوفيق في تعلمك للغه العربية واللهجات المحلية