Black and White Faces

So, today there are 3 phrases that all have related meanings. These are Levantine, but are probably used outside the region as well.

1. بيّضتولي وشي قدام الناس - You made me look good in front of the people. (Literally, "you (plural) whitened my face for me in front of the people.")

2. سوّدتولي وشي قدّام المدير - You embarrassed me or made me look bad in front of the manager. (Literally, "you (plural) blackened my face in front of the manager.")

3. شي بيرفع الراس - Something that makes you proud. (Literally, "something that raises the head.")

  • بيّض - to make something white
  • سوّد - to make something black
  • وش - face (from the MSA وجه)
  • قدّام - in front of (think of the MSA word امام which means the same thing)


Anonymous said...

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Ana said...

Thank you so much!

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