Levantine Dialect: You came in the nick of time

So phrases are an important thing in any language. These phrases are used at least in the Levant region, but possibly in other Arabic speaking countries as well. However, everyone will understand what you are saying no matter which country they are from, even if they themselves would say it a little differently.

1. جيت و الله جابك (jeet wa allah jaabak) - You came in the nick of time.

Literally this phrase means "you came and God brought you", meaning you got there right when you were needed.

2. جيت بوقتك (jeet ibwa'tak) - You came at the right time.

Literally this says "you came at your time". It has pretty much the same meaning as جيت و الله جابك .


Mary-Jane Liddicoat said...

Just found this site. Fantastic! I am often asked by people for ideas on what to do after they finish using my textbook (Syrian Colloquial Arabic). I always recommend using authentic material, which is what you offer. So I will add this site! Thanks so much.

Ana said...

Thank you very much! I love all your postings!

Anonymous said...

Haha I am still with Mary-Jane's book, but I am already enjoying every little bit of this blog, simply fantastic!! Please keep it up, this is great stuff!