Arabic Lesson - Throw it in the Trash

In Syrian and Lebanese dialect, the way to say "throw" is كبّ "kibb".  This is used in sentences like كبّه بالزبالة (kibbu bizzibaleh) - "throw it in the trash", and كبّ الطابة (kabb attabeh) - "he threw the ball".  Kibb is the imperative.  Just like إرمي (irmi) - "throw" in MSA. Kabb is the masculine past tense, "he threw".
The following clip is from a Syrian show called رومانتيكا Romantica which revolves around a big love triangle, or more like a love pentagon.  The name of the girl yelling in the clip is تهاني (Tahani).  She's telling كوكب (Kokab) to throw away a bouquet (باقة) of flowers that was given to her.  That's all the context needed to get what's going on.

تهاني: كوكب, كبيها كبيها
كوكب: ما بدك ياها؟
تهاني: لا.  كبيها بالزبالة
كوكب: ليش حتى كبها؟ نشّفها و بعملها زهورات

Tahani: Kokab, throw it out, throw it out.
Kokab: You don't want it?
Tahani: No.  Throw it in the trash.
Kokab: Why should I throw it away?  I'll dry them and make dried flowers (zuhurat).

So I had to look up what زهورات was.  I did a Google image search and it came back with pictures of dried flowers that people put into tea.  I imagine she's joking here when she says to dry to flower bouquet to put into tea.  You really learn something every day with Arabic. 


Witchy Lisa said...

Actually, the joke makes more sense if you use zoohoorat to mean tea flowers. I never really hear
'zahrat' being pluralized in that way unless it's about tea. But, I'm surrounded by old women....

Anonymous said...

I'm a little puzzled by the حتى after "lesh". I guess it means something like "why would I go as far as to throw them". Am I right? Is it used often that way?

The Arabic Student said...

Anon, it's usually لحتى. Here she said just حتى for some reason. It conveys a sense of "why would I". I did a quick Google search and the 2nd result was this sentence:
"ليش لحتى أدرس بما انو رح أغش؟"

"Why should I study since I'm going to cheat?"

Hope that gives a better idea of how that word is used.

Anonymous said...

Yaa mualim, lovin your posts. Its the little words like this that can help so much. I have a Jordanian friend that works with me sometimes and he is impressed with some of the new things I am able to say each time we work together. I just cant find a better place to learn the colloquial! Please keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This also:

سوريا بخير ليش لحتى مانضحك ؟؟
Syria is fine, why shouldn't we laugh?? (Sarcastic political comment)

Anonymous said...

First of all i want to say that i really like how you speak arabic with a perfect pronunciation, that's awesome =)
i just want to correct a mistake you made in this post (i'm a native speaker:levantine (syrian) dialect)
the mistake was: كبّ الطابة

we use the word كبّ in a sentence like:

throw it in the trash


he threw the water on the chair

كب المي على الكرسي

but in a sentence like:

he threw the ball

we don't use كبّ but rather we use زِتّ (zitt):
زت الطابة

sorry for my bad english :S

Insomniac said...


Just wondering what MSA/fusha is for garbage/dustbin?