Arabic Dialects - must لازم

The word لازم (lazim) is another essential Arabic dialect word. It means "must" or "has to". It's used in many (if not all) dialects, not just Levantine, and understood by everyone. It's also a very simple word to use since you don't have to worry about conjugating it. You just conjugate the verb that comes after it.

1. لازم تروح ع الجامعة (lazim trooh 'aljami'a) = you have to go to the university
2. لازم تفكّر في الموضوع قبل ما تاخذ قرار (lazim itfakkir filmowdoo' abl ma takhuth araar) = you have to think about the issue before you make a decision
3. بكرا هو لازم يشتغل (bukra huwi lazim yashtagil) = tomorrow he has to work


AS said...

Good work! Really great Blog!

Syed Housein said...

Great blog on the Arabic Language. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Great lesson to be honest i'm still waiting for verb "طلع" =Tal3a",this one is the most confused in my opinion concerning Levantine and Egyptian arabic.

As always few additional examples

هيك لازم=hek laazem!=That's what's needed!(that is the way it should be.

مو لازم=moo laazem=it is not necessary.

جيبت اكتر من اللازم=jeebt aktar men al-laazem=You brought too much

There is also construction:

لازمني=laazemne=I need....itis necessary to me...

And we can't forgot that plural form is also used(I am not sure how is it written ,my guess"لوازم"(pronouncation is:lawaazem)

All the best

elle said...

really good lesson, refresh my mind about a lot of things

elle said...

dear arabic student,

I really appreciate if you can increase frequency of egyptian dialect post because i do think it is well known and more widely spoken in arabic world.

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi Elle,

I would not agree with you concerning Egyptian Arabic.Of course it well-known and
mostly everyone understand it ,but Levantine Arabic is used in 4 countries and Egyptian Arabic only in Egypt.

Nowadays i guess it changed completely and when I turn on my TV and I browse arabic channels (I don't see Egyptian Dialect much),mostly all soap opera's,shows,entartainment programms etc are translated into Syrian Dialect(which is considered as much more "nicer" for our ears:)

But ofcourse we can add few materials concerning EA here.

Janelle Moser said...

I'm waiting for this word too! (chee aktar lazim bilibaneh!) I spent the summer at AUB, and was told Lebanese say "3anjad" a lot because they like to exaggerate-jury's still out on that one.

عن جد/ aka "3anjad"-really?!/really; (literally: in seriousness)
exclamation/used for emphasis of surprise, delight, seriousness (be careful how you use it though-if you use it in a sarcastic tone, it means the equivalent of "no sh**")

Speaker 1: انا امريكية بس بحكى لبناني
(ana amreekeyeh bas be7keh libabeh)

Speaker 2: عن جد!؟ كيف تعلمت عربي؟
(3anjad?! kif ta3lmteh 3rabeh?)

بحبك كتير, عن جد عن جد
(b7ebik kteer, 3anjad, 3anjad)

Also, for anyone else who's life mission is to learn Lebanese, you can watch the Lebanese TV station MTV streaming on this site:

Keep it up-your posts are very helpful!

Er said...

I use to encounter this word LAZIM but until you said its exact meaning, now I will use it.

Thanks Arabic Student...

Tunsi said...

As Tunisian familiar with Tunisian-Maghrebi dialect I can say that we also use lazim all the time. And whenever I speak with moroccan or algerian friends they do as well.

"Lazim lazim" we say for example often, "what must must".

Very good blog by the way, ya3tik sa7a khouya.

Akdeniz said...

Hei zelemey. Can you do a session on the word طلع. I find your videos very helpful. Thank you for doing this.

Unknown said...

I just found this page and intend to use it...very nice. Thanks