Arabic Simpsons: Season 3 Episode 16

00:04 انت قلت عايز تعيش في عالم ما فيه زنك (enta 2ulta 3aayiz ta3eesh fi 3aalam ma fiu zinc): You said you wanted to live in a world without zinc.

00:36 إرجعلي (irga3lee): return to me

1:06 ممكن نتكلم عن النحاس (mumkin natkallim 3an al nu7aas): Maybe we can talk about copper

1:19 خربش (kharbish): scratch

1:28 برضه ما كسبناش (bardu ma kasibnaash): I still haven't won.

2:14 بالي طويل قوي (baali 6aweel 2awee): I'm very patient (literally "my mind is very long)

3:29 متطوع (muta6awi3): volunteer

3:41 ما تتحركش احسن تتعور (ma tat7arraksh a7san tat3wwar): Don't move unless you want to lose an eye. (the root عور means to lose an eye. أعور means cyclops)

5:49 لو كنت بمكاني و أنا مكانك هترجعلي اليويو (lo kunta bi makaani wa ana makaanak kataragga3li al yoyo): If you were in my place and I was in your place would you give me back the yo-yo?

6:11 بس كنت متوقعة شكلك يطلع زي الصورة (bess kuntu mutawaqqa3a sheklak ya6la3 zay al soora): I was just expecting you to look like the picture (literally يطلع زي الصورة here can mean "to turn out like the picture")

6:28 البلاعة (al ballaa3a): the drain/sink (It can mean both. The root بلع means to swallow, so literally it is "the swallower")

7:27 الكلاب بتحب بتقعد برا (al kilaab bit7eb bita23ad barra): Dogs like it outside (literally "dogs like to sit outside")

8:42 مش عايز خضار مزفت (mish 3aayiz khudaar muzaffit): I don't want any shitty vegetables (زفت literally means asphalt, but it is also used as a curse word. You can say صباح الزفت instead of صباح الخير when you're having a bad morning.)

9:15 شتيمة (shateema): curse word (also means insult)

10:42 قلبي وقف لما شفت صورتك (albi wi2if limma shufti soortik): My heart stopped when I saw your picture.

11:02 الفقراء المساكين (al fu2araa al masaakeen): the poor poor people (the first poor is like pitiful)

11:50 شنبك (shanabak): your moustache

13:33 برطمان (bar6amaan): a jar

14:48 حاسس اني مسؤول عن إلة حصل (Hasis anni mas2ool 3an illa Hasal): I feel that I'm responsible for what happened

15:14 الكلب هيدخل فيها إزاي يعني (al kelb hayidkhul fiha izzay ya3ni): How is the dog going to enter?

16:34 عصير (aseer): juice (they changed all the beer to juice when they translated it lol)

17:20 جواب وداع (gawaab widaa3): a farewell response

17:44 ما يفرقش معاها شكله خالص (ma yafri2sh m3aha sheklu khalis): It makes no difference to her at all what he looks like

17:46 حتى لو تمساح اكل وشه (Hata lo timsaaH akal wishu): even if a gator ate his face

18:20 مع حب إلة هيدوم عبر العصور (ma3 Hob ila hayadoom 3abr al 3asoor): with a love that will last throughout the ages

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