Online Arabic Transliteration

There are several different ways to write Arabic in our Latin alphabet. What follows is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on Arabic transliteration. This is by far the most widespread method in use and most all Arabs online, when not typing in Arabic characters, use this, so if you ever plan to learn from authentic sources or visit Arabic message boards it will help for you to learn this. It's also the method that I try to adhere to when I'm transliterating. You'll notice that when they add an apostrophe ( ' ) to a number that indicates a dot on top of the Arabic letter. The full article is here.

3 represents the Arabic letter ع .

5 or 7' represent the Arabic letter خ .

6 represents the Arabic letter ط .

6' represents the Arabic letter ظ .

7 represents the Arabic letter ح .

8 represents the Arabic letter ق .

9 represents the Arabic letter ص .

9' represents the Arabic letter ض .

2 is sometimes used to represent the أ when it is in the middle of a word

The numerals 2, 3 and 7 are vastly used in Arabic chatting, because they represent Arabic letters that do not sound like any letter of the roman script. The other numerals can be replaced by roman letters that have a very close pronunciation (for example ظ can be represented by d, ص by s, ق by q) or a combination of roman letters (for example, kh can represent خ).

When numerals are to be avoided, a single quote (') may be used in the place of 2, h in the place of 7 and a single quote (') or double vowels in the place of 3 (for example 3a can become aa).


Anonymous said...

you know actually there is a latin alphabet of arabic, it's the maltese one. Maltese is an arabic dialect (they prefer to say phenician because for lot of people arabic= muslim) and for a 99 % of catholic country it's difficult. The maltese is an arabic langage (north african) mixed with Italian and few english word
check this out

Anonymous said...

If you can immediately understand Maltese as spoken without taping the language and listening to every word and translating it to Classical Arabic, I would say you are a liar.

Maltese is not an Arabic dialect. It correctly derives as such: Classical Arabic to Arabic dialect,probably from Yemen to Maghreban Arabic dialect to Siculo-Arabic to Maltese. The Classical Arabic has been totally altered or corrupted if you refer by all the foreigners who had to learn Arabic rather badly: Yemenis, Berbers, Sicilian Europeans and finally Maltese Europeans.

There are Muslims in Malta, mostly Maghrebans, some women even marry those men, but most Maltese hate Arabs. Actually loathe.
We think you are smelly animals in an ugly human form and without souls. It comes from a race memory of being invaded and conquered by foreigners from North Africa for so many centuries.

Tunisian Arabic if that is what you call that incomprehensible form of Semitic language with Arabic ties, is much younger in its foreign loan words from European languages. Maltese, got its loanwords with the acquisition of Siculo-Arabic in the 9th century. Italy as a modern nation and the use of Standard Italian only dates to the 19th century. Maltese got its Romance words from the native form of Romance spoken in Sicily. The Tunisians got their loan words mostly in the late 19th to the 20th century. Those Tunisians copied the Maltese not the other way round.

No Maltese believes in the Phoenician rubbish. They know where their language comes from, Sicily, the mixed language used by Muslim and non Muslim Sicilians during the occupation of that island by foreigners from North African who happened to be Muslims.

I wouldn't believe your websites. They usually repeat rubbish over and over which they think is true but is just false.

I repeat, if you in Malta you might understand one word in a thousand. Don't kid yourselves. Most Arabians can't even understand Moroccan or Tunisian, and you think you can understand Maltese! Kemm inti injorant. Ja sormok.

Translate that.

djhassan said...

Maltese people are low minded people who don't know difference between Arabs and Indian or Pakistani. They think all dark people are Arabs. Arabs are people from Arabian plateau and are white Caucasians having similiar skin tone as those of Maltese

Anonymous said...

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