You're late for work!

I found this cartoon online and the language they use isn't very difficult, but maybe reading the handwriting might be a little tough if you're only used to reading text on the computer. Here's what it says and the translation.

قم و أنا أمك ... تأخرت على صلاة الفجر - (Qum wa ana umak... ta2akharta 3ala salaat al fajr) - Get up (و أنا أمك is literally "and I'm your mom"). You're late for the dawn prayer!

زين زين (zayn zayn)- ok, ok

قم و أنا أمك ... تأخرت على دوامك (Qum wa ana umak... ta2akharta 3ala dawwaamak)- Get up! You're late for work! (دوام is literally the work day or work hours)

حرام عليكم يمه... ليش تخلوني اتأخر - (Haram 3alaykum yamma... laysh takhlooni ata2akhar) - ("Haram 3alaykum" is like "curse you") Curse you, mom! Why did you let me be late?!


Anonymous said...

haram alykom does not mean 'curse you'

it kinda means 'you shouldn't have done that'

lol you're funny too... listen if you like arabic cartoons alot you should try the jordanian cartoonist Emad Hajjaj

Toumi (from Y!A lol)

The Arabic Student said...

Thanks. =) I read your comment on Y!A and so I came here to check your comment here. lol

I will check out that site. Also, go to sleep! =)

Sofian Rahmani said...


By دوام, I feel that they're probably talking about school. الدوام المدرسي, not work. They'd have used شغل for work, as dawam is more commonly used to refer to school.