Syrian Dialect - at all بنوب

This post/video is the beginning of a new thing that I'm starting, the Arabic Word of the Day. They aren't going to be every day, but when I do post them there will be a video and sample sentences that focus on 1 word or phrase. It might be in MSA or in a dialect. The Arabic word today is بنوب and it is specific to Syria. You may see it spelled "bnoob" or "bnobe" online. It means "at all". This isn't used in all Levantine dialects although it is widely understood due to Syrian TV shows. I was thinking about it after I finished the video and the word نهائياً can be used in place of بنوب in pretty much every case and it is used in Jordan and Lebanon and other places.

The sample sentences in the video are:
  1. ما بحب هالكلام منك بنوب (ma baheb halkalaam minak ibnoob) - I don't like that talk from you at all.
  2. هلق مو وقتها بنوب (hala' moo wa'ta bnoob) - Now is not the time for that at all.


Anonymous said...

I like your style and your ambition. I myself have been living in Cairo and have been learning Egyptian, I'm not sure if if this is at all interesting to you, but I would like to post the Egyptian version of these just for general knowledge and for the visitors to your site. I have also some ideas for videos and have made some attempts at them. I have never heard the equivalent for "at all" before in Syrian, although I have lived there for a while, Thanks for the post.

ما بحبش كلام ده منك خالص
(ma bahebish a kalaam da khaalis)

دلوقتى مش الوقت لكده جالص
(dilwa'eti mish el wa't li kida khaalis)

Unknown said...

Alf shukr to you for posting these videos, they are so helpful in my quest to learn Syrian while currently only learning MSA at my university. I wish I could find a tutor like you in my area :)

Anonymous said...

A commonly heard variant on بنوب is منوب

Example: منوب ما بروح ع السينما

I never go to the cinema

Anonymous said...

This is very helpful. Keeping making it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Apart منوب you can also use

ما .....بالمرة
ما بعرفه بالمرة \ابدا=maa b3arefo bel-marra\ abadaan.
=I dont know him at all.

and my favourite also"منوب"

ما عندي صبر منوب=maa 3ende Sabr mnoob=I dont have patience at all.

Egyptian as far as i know they use

ex:ماشوفتش حاجة خالص=maa shooftesh 7aaga khaaleS=I didn't see anything at all.

All the best

Tunsi said...

Tunisians would say:
"ma-nahebish hadi al-klam bel kol"

With the typical "n" Maghrebi fixation for first persons use instead of the "b" used by Egyptians and Levantine speakers.