Arabic Simpsons: Season 3 Episode 1

I figured I could add a list of some of the words/phrases that are said in the episode. I don't understand every word in the episode, but I do get a lot of it.

0:05 بدر إصحى (badr iSHa): badr, wake up!

0:11 جرا ايه (garaa eih): What happened?

0:12 بابا جرا له حاجة (baba garaa loo Haga): Did something happen to dad?

0:13 كويس جداً (kwayis giddan): very good

0:20 هيبقى عندي ثمن سنين (hayib'a andee thaman sneen): I will be 8 years old

0:49 خد بالك من اختك بطة (khud baalak min ukhtak baTTa): Look after your sister baTTa

1:31 مين سرق قميسي (meen sara' 'ameesy): Who stole my shirt?

1:36 بمبي (bambi): pink

2:47 بمبي مسخسخ (bambi msakhsakh): light pink (msakhsakh also means "fainting")

3:52 إمليلي الإستمارة دي (imleelee al istimaara dee): Fill out this form for me

4:12 قطة ('uTa): cat

5:38 بص عندنا طريقة سهلة قوي (bos andana Taree'a sahla 'awee): look, we have a very easy way

6:39 زود الضغط على مشط الرجلة (zawwid aDaghT ala mishT al rigla): increase the preasure on the instep of your foot

6:49 عشان لمست (ashan lamast): because I wore

6:55 ترتر (tirtir): glitter

8:37 بجد (bi gad): for real

10:37 أرجوكم تعبرو عن مشاعركم بحرية (argookum taabaru an mashairkum bi Hurria): I want you all to express your feelings freely

18:11 يا ريت تعجبك الهدية (ya rait tagibik al hidaya): I hope you like the gift (يا ريت means "I hope" or "I wish")

19:35 كل الناس ضحكت في وشي (kul a nass DaHket fi wishi): All the people laughed in my face


Anonymous said...

This is so awesome it just made my day.

I never knew there were Masri translations of the Simpsons, the names cracked me up... Badr, Isha, Batta, Mona, Omar Shamsun...

Criss Freitas said...

Hi there!

I am downloading this episode to make your phrases in portuguese, my language...i didnt find it on youtube. mumkin?

thank you so much for your nice blog