Arabic Simpsons: Season 3 Episode 24

Here's an episode of The Simpsons in Egyptian Arabic. It's pretty hard to understand even if you know MSA to a decent degree, but I still believe that authentic language exposure is good for you. It gets you used to listening to the real language at full speed. There are also people who claim that they've learned a language entirely from watching a lot of TV in that language. I don't know if they're exaggerating or not, but I figure it's worth a try and at the very least it won't make your language ability worse.

I've got 16 episodes on my computer that I'm going to try to upload. I signed up to take the Egyptian DLPT on Feb 4 so I figure these will help my brain get used to the way the Egyptian dialect is spoken and maybe I'll get that 2 that I need to get some extra money every month. Enjoy the episode.


Anonymous said...

What a great resource. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

TAS, you said their were 16 simpsons episodes. Could you post a link to the others? I can't find them anywhere.

Fantastic stuff. Thank you for making such a site exist.