Arabic Simpsons: Season 3 Episode 5

1:35 ما عزمتنيش (ma 3azimtineesh): you didn't invite me

5:11 ما فيش بدلة لنائب المدير (ma feesh badla li na2ib al mudeer): there's no suit for the assistant manager

5:47 مين كان يصدق ان المفاعلات معقدة للدرجة دي (meen kaan yusadi2 an al mufa3ilaat mu3a2ada lildaraga dee): who would have thought that reactors were so complicated

6:50 إكتمي (iktimee): shut up (fem.)

8:24 هاشوفك مرة ثانية (hashoofak mara thanya): Will I see you again?

8:25 طبعاً في الكارثة الجاية (Tab3an fi al karitha al gaaya): Sure, during the next crisis

9:31 تأثيرك سيء عليَ (tatheerak sayi2 3alaya): you're a bad influence on me

9:56 أنت انقذت حياتنا (enta an2azta 7ayatna): you saved our lives

10:19 فخذة ضان (fa7'dha daan): a thigh of sheep

10:35 هنعلقك على حائط الشرف (han3alla2ak 3ala 7a2iT asharaf): we will hang you on the wall of honor

13:01 أرجوك ما تكراهنيش (argook ma tikrahneesh): please don't hate me

13:15 مش هيعرف مين عمل كده (mish haya3raf meen 3amal kida): he won't know who did that

13:38 كلهم فقدوا حماسهم للشغل (kuluhum fa2adoo 7amasahum lilshu3'al): all of them have lost their zeal for the work

14:24 كسبت الجائزة الثانية في مسابقة الجمال (kasibt al ga2iza al thania fi musaaba2at al gamaal: I won second prize in a beauty contest

15:00 بتهيألي (bithaya2lee): it seems to me

15:18 أكلي زفت (aklee zift): eat shit (imperative form when said to a female)

16:04 كنت عارفة ان المنطق هترجع لعقلها (kunt 3aarifa an al mun6i2 hatarga3 li 3a2la): I knew that she'd come to her senses (literally that the logic would return to her)

17:54 منع سطوة على البنك بغير ما يقصد (man3a sa6wa 3ala al bank bi 3'eyr ma yu2sud): He prevented a bank robbery unintentionally


Anonymous said...

on 18:41 I think it says

بابا الداخل اسمه القاموس

Papa the inside his name the dictionary

Papas name is inside the dictionary

I am just typing it from from what I hear I don't have a transcript or anything so forgive me if it is off a little.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, keep the simpsons episodes coming- they're very helpful.

Good luck in Feb.

The Arabic Student said...

Pretty much, Saydalii.

بابانا دخل إسمه في القاموس

Our dad entered his name in the dictionary. In MSA they pretty much always start the sentence with a verb, but in the dialects it's usually just like it is in English. SVO.

Anonymous said...

Hey i am Zenda i am checking your blog, it is good.
I want to say, you wrote ما عزلتنيش and it is wrong.The right word is ما عزمتنيش

The Arabic Student said...

Ahh, whoops. You're right. Thanks for the correction!

Anonymous said...


Your lessons are so helpful for understanding Egyptian better!

Since all the blog comments are old, I was wondering if you still updated the lessons.

The Arabic Student said...

Yes, I make new posts every week. :)