Arabic Simpsons: Season 3 Episode 9

00:38 شاهد قبر (shahid 2abr): tomb stone

00:50 الحل الوحيد اننا نرميها في الزبالة (al 7al al wa7eed annana narmeeha fi al zibaala): The only solution is that we throw it in the garbage

00:56 هيتهيألك انه مات إمبارح (hayatheya2lek anu maat imbaari7): It will seem to you that he died yesterday

1:09 شنيور (shinyoor): a drill

1:10 تلاقيه في الجراج (tila2ee fi al garage): find it in the garage

2:27 إنتهاء الصلاحية (intihaa2 a9alaa7eeya): expiration date

2:43 الكوافير (kawaafayr): hairdresser

2:53 إيه أسرع و أرخص و أسهل طريقة لانبسط فيها (eih asra3 wa arkha9 wa ashal 6aree2a linbasa6 fi ha): What's the fastest and cheapest and easiest way for you to be happy?

3:41 كل حاجة هتمشي زي الفل (kuli 7aaga hatimshee zay al ful): Everything is going to be great ("zay al ful" literally means "like the jasmine flower")

4:17 تحب بتأجر الشريط ده (t7eb bita2gar al sharee6 da): Do you want to rent that tape?

4:20 ليه؟ خلاص شفت احلى جز (shuft a7la guz): Why? I already saw the best part.

5:08 قفزاته رشيقة لكن قوية كالمحارب (qafazaatu rasheeqa laakin qaweeya kal mu7aarib): His jumps are elegant but he is strong like a warrior (lol)

6:48 و اصلع كمان (wa a9la3 kamaan): and bald too!

8:57 هأشترك وياك (hashtirik wayaak): I will participate with you

9:06 رف البهارات (raf al bahaaraat): spice rack

9:09 و عش البغبغان (wa 3ish al baghbaghaan): and a bird house ("3ish" means "nest" and "baghbaghaan" means parrots, but they showed a picture of a bird house so that how I translated it) Here's a Haifa Wehbe song called انا عندي بغبغان.

9:12 و المراجيح (wa al maraagee7): and the swingset

9:17 إيه صوت ده (eih 9oot da): What's the sound?

12:44 جبس (gibs): Literally "gypsum", but here it means "a cast"

13:06 زي ما انت شايف قدامك (zay ma enta shaayif 2addamak): like you see in front of you

15:11 بابا مش هتيجي (baba mish hateegee): Dad, you're not going to come?

15:18 انا سقعتلك البرنيطة في الثلاجة (ana sa2a3tilak al burnay6a fi al thallaga): I got your hat cold for you in the fridge.

18:43 أنت سواق جامد (enta sawwa2 gaamid): You are an amazing driver

I hope these episodes are helping. They are sure helping me. When I have to listen to a phrase several times to know exactly what they're saying it definitely sharpens my ear.


Unknown said...

Your translations are extremely helpful. Where did you get your hands on these episodes?

The Arabic Student said...

Thanks, Christopher. There's a site called divx4arab.com
and I got them there. They have lots of Disney movies which I find useful and not too difficult. You have to download a program called eMule to download the videos though.

Unknown said...

""Your translations are extremely helpful. Where did you get your hands on these episodes?""

Exactly, i have got simpsons episodes season 3 episodes 9, Actually, it was amazing episodes which i really want to watch and finally you make it possible to watch it. thanks mate!

Anonymous said...

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